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Preventative Maintenance

If you keep your vehicle well maintained based on the manufactures recommendations, most major problems can be prevented. A well-running vehicle is made of many engineered systems. These systems depend on regular inspections and maintenance in order to perform safely, and at it’s best.

Go To Auto Care is here to help you with all of the maintenance your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends. Some of these services include (but are not limited to):

Oil Changes – Nothing is more important than a regularly scheduled oil change. It doesn’t matter if your vehicle still has that new car smell or is over a hundred thousand miles, this simple service is key to the longevity of your vehicle. 

Suspension and Steering – Nowadays, this system only needs maintenance about once a year, if not more. Keeping up with the manufactures recommendations ensures safe and smooth driving ability.

Spark Plugs - Most vehicles will require their start plugs replaced at some point during its lifetime. Even if you have a vehicle that’s equipped with extended-life spark plugs, it’s a good idea to get them inspected around every 30,000 miles. 

Brakes – It’s important to have your brakes inspected regularly. Don’t wait until you hear them squeak! That might be a sign, there is a larger issue going on. Be sure to have your breaks check regularly to prevent costly repairs down the line.

Engine – Your engine is the heart of your vehicle, which requires regular maintenance to perform well and prevent damage. The engine regularly needs belts, spark plugs, wires, distributor caps, oil, oil filters, and air filters inspected and replaced.

Come to us for all of the service and repair work your vehicle needs. We have skilled technicians as well as the up-to-date equipment needed to maintain your vehicle properly. Keeping up with the manufactures service recommendations is a task that only a professional can handle. That’s why Go To Auto Care offers only the best comprehensive, maintenance needed to keep your vehicle running at its peak condition!